The Impact Of Music On Society (TIOMOS)

Studio 309 is a fully operational interactive research and illustration media agency offering required research resources to international academic research students and organisations within and out side of South Africa. We are a hard working and reliable team with a dedication to excellence, quality, and timeliness, we always ready, willing, and able to help in any way we can.

Studio 309 is currently collaborating and running a music reach out project - (TIOMOS) - The Impact Of Music On SocietyThis project aims at evaluating the positive and negative impacts of various music genres to the society or individual self, Project participation or collaborating, involves, sharing opinions, music production, reach out peer support and documenting the music affect consciousness and life experiences of musicians, djs, music producers, music fans, poets, writers, visual artists and composers etc Find out more about this project if interested in the next section above. 

For Researchers, academic Research Participants , Study tour guides, Research assistants, Interpreters, transcribers, studio 309 academic research work updates and services, Contact details or Studio 309 offices directions, Check section below.

(TIOMOS) is a music and conscious creative reach out project aiming at evaluating the positive and negative impacts of various music genres to the society or individual self. Project participation or collaborating, involves, sharing opinions, music production, reach out peer support and documenting the music affect consciousness and life experiences of musicians, music producers, instrumentalist, djs, music fans, poets, writers, visual artists and composers etc Whether you sing as a profession or starting a music career, hobby, fun, speak poetry, shout, hmm. for commercial, non-commercial or just for your private well-being use, without any judgement, regardless of age ( 6 yrs - above), ability, location or any circumstances, you are welcome to freely share your impact and experiences in the listening and creation of your preferred music genre i.e. (reggae, hip-hop, dance-hall, electronic, rn’b, trap, afro pop, house, gospel, chill soul and ethnic etc.) . Your time and effort will be compensated for accordingly. Participation can be via online or by our studio offices.

N.B. Everything required in the music production process of this project will be provided for if necessary. 

Studio 309 research agency offers specialty services in the areas below:


 Let us assist you in locating secure study fields on your next study tour around south Africa.



 Motion and still image data Info graphic Illustration. 



 We provide Group or one on one interview areas,out door and indoor Sound proof studio with WiFi Internet.



Secure data , transcribing , audio and video capturing facilities .



we hire and maintain audio kits, camera kits, computers, external storage hard drives and stationary. etc.



 Let us assist you get a Secure shared or couch surfing,  private accommodation around South Africa .



We scout, represent and provide reliable Prescreened academic Research Participants , Study tour guides, Research assistants, Interpreters and transcribers if needed in any study area . To join our research groups, assisting team or other projects,  Please scroll down to the contacts and FAQ section for more details / contact us via email, phone or make appointment to visit our office .



Professional Video and study documentary  production, photography, lighting,  post productions, graphics illustration and sound mastering .



Studio 309 will be collaborating and running a separate music and activism project - (Bell Free Music Production) which aims at collaborating with any one interested in shaping life experiences into music , starting from 20 / July / 2018 . Find out more about this project if interested in the about section above. 

 Below are the academic research areas we work with




 Includes, but not limited to, apparel design, textiles, architecture, art (in all its forms), creative writing, dance, film, music, performance, journalistic products, modeling and multimedia.



 Includes, but not limited to, psychology, communication,criminal Justice, activism, economics, geography, history, human development, international-studies, law, linguistics, management, anthropology, sociology, teaching & learning, business administration.



 Includes, but not limited to, African studies, anthropology, communication studies, cultural studies, education, English, film studies, history, art history, music history, languages, literature, philosophy, Religious Beliefs



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studio309@africa.no. / studio309office@gmail.com . 

N.B If you are sending large files or documents, for convenience, quick response, please use our gmail contact


Office Landline. +27 11 512 0551  / Mobile. +27 81 541 4642 . call or whatsapp

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS / FAQ ( For Research Participants, Assistants and Study tour guides )


A. For several reasons (naturally!):
• Research participants are often compensated with money, gift cards, electronics,
sponsorship and more.
• Travelling. Some research surveys may require a participant, Assistant or guide to travel in different places
locally or abroad for either follow-up studies or just a researcher’s friendly invitation which is fun ,this will help you
 connect with different people and cultures.
• You'll be contributing to academic research that improves things for you! Researchers are
often requesting your input, ideas, and feelings on things that you use- to make them better, or to
create new and innovative projects, products, and classes. In the process you learn and develop
yourself and others.
• Applying is free, and you get paid or compensated for your time
• Time convenience. Most research work can be done flexibly in your free time or at home.


A. Doing your part to assist academic researchers or organisations by participating in research studies takes time 
and energy, so we feel that you should be paid or compensated for this. The amount ortype of payment for your 
participation in any research studies should be clearly detailed in allparticipation requests or briefs sent to you, 
and it's up to you if it's worthwhile to participate.
Payments to participants are made directly to research participants (you) by researchers. Payments are not 
made by studio 309; however we do strongly encourage researchers to compensate all research participants. 
Pay for your participation is typically in the form of cash payments, however researchers often enrol participants
 in contests- selecting some lucky individuals for things such as:tablets, gift cards, and other assorted items. 
Universities, research organisations and private or individual donors fund some research surveys. While in some 
research surveys, graduate students often pay out of pocket for their research expenses, so try to help them out
regardless of compensation. It’s a research participant’s right to bailout of any research at any time.
In order to avoid misunderstandings or jeopardizing of any research surveys, we encourage all research 
participants to ask as many questions as they can before participating in any research project. 
If you have no interest in the study. You can still pass on the information to anyone who you think might be eligible 
to participate. Your time and effort to pass on the information will be compensated depending on response 
and number of participants taken from your referral. Contact studio 309 for more details on referral -
compensation and bonuses.


A. R0.00. It's completely free to join.


A. Many research studies ask participants to complete simple surveys, interviews or a well-explained
research exercise taking anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, some research studies are more
involved and may take weeks, months to years. The kinds of studies you'll be asked to participate in
vary; we ask that academic researchers be as clear as possible with their research work on any
subject, we also encourage research participants to inquire as many questions as possible to
understand all the necessary details before participating or assisting with any research work.
Currently Studio 309 can only work with participants around Gauteng and some parts of Limpopo,
Mpumalanga and Free State; hopefully in the nearby future, we shall extend our work to other
provinces. We shall only prefer to work with honest, respectful, flexible, open and free spirited
people who believe in working, developing and learning from each other as a team. All in all, Studio
309 wishes to work with everyone open to work with. N.B. We shall prefer to work with people we
know face to face not via the internet or phone calls. We can’t book you for work, just because you
sent your application via internet.


A. No. Studio 309 signs a confidentiality agreement with most of our clients, we agree to not disclose
particular details with most of the research projects we are involved as a company. This means as a
company we have no legal right to share any details or documentations about any research work
without the permission of the researcher and the involved research participants.


A. Currently our studios are located at Blue valley Golf and country estate Midrand. Sms or
whatsapp, for a detailed google map, or directions depending on your means of transport.


A. As long as man is still seeking knowledge to develop, there will always be research. In this case
anyone is free to apply at any time.
NB. It's important to us - and to the researchers who engage us - that you remain a genuine
'member of the public' rather than becoming a research group expert. Our clients are only interested
in real people, who can add real value to their research either as an assistant, guide or participant.
Join our team if you fully understand and love our working environment. Some people may get work
as soon as they submit their applications, for some it may take some time to get work hence
frustrating sometimes .We know how it feels to apply for anything and not get selected. Please also
look at our other projects on the last page that may be of help in case everything hasn’t been
working your way. Besides being a research agency, Studio 309 has been lucky enough to meet a
number of generous and good friends who are willing to support some of our reach out projects with
the aim of developing or helping anyone in need of assistance or help .With a few donations we are
putting up programs and small projects to engage and help everyone as much as we can. In the mean
time let’s try to explain why some people get more work than others.
Every project that we recruit for comes with a set of eligibility criteria – whether for guides,
Participants or research assistants, sometimes wide open, sometimes very restricted. For example
we might be asked for ‘Men aged 20-40 who drink tea every morning’ – or our client, for whatever
reason, might require ‘Pregnant Women aged 20-40 who drink beer and smoke cigarettes, for a
qualitative research on why do they smoke and drink during pregnancy , how do they feel about this
act , what’s the effect. This observation may take a few hours, a day or the all pregnancy period, even
after the pregnancy period if necessary.’ Etc
When we get a specification like the latter, we have to ask a lot of open questions – This helps to
keep our selection process credible and robust. The point is, you cannot know what our client is
looking for when you complete the form, as it is our job to obscure the 'right' answer, to recruit the
project accurately. It’s also important to point out that all these criteria are specified by our clients in
every case. Studio 309 does not have the discretion to alter or amend them, even if it would make
our lives a lot easier if we could... Our job is to recruit people who precisely meet the profile the
researcher has given us. Same applies with compensation or payment with your work, Studio 309
does not determine how much you are being paid, if you find the payments less or not fitting your
demands, we advise you not to join the project.
Over subscription
The other reason you might not get into a research is that the group simply fills too fast. Obviously in
an ideal world we aim to invite exactly the right number of people to apply for any given project –.
However, we have to make a judgment taking into account how many will be eligible, how quickly
people will respond (when we are recruiting at very short notice we have to invite more people, as
some people still don’t read their email for days), and how easy it will be to ring people back and
book them. And whilst we always try to keep disappointments to a minimum, we have to over
rather than underestimate volumes to be sure of filling our groups. This does inevitably mean that a
few perfectly eligible people get disappointed on every job, it’s something that we regret and do all
we can to minimize, but can see no way of avoiding. Unfortunately it can also mean you don't get the
'thanks but no thanks' message till the last minute, as we have to wait until the group is completed,
and confirmed (with no-one dropping out on us), before we can tell everyone else they are not
required. Of course, if you haven't heard from us until a day or maximum a week or 2 depending on
the description of the project. you can probably assume you haven't been selected, and if we do
have to make an emergency call-around due to cancellations we fully expect most people to have
made other plans. If this is the case for you it WON'T affect your likelihood of receiving future
invitations (only no-showing a group does that), we quite understand that our members have lives
and other commitments - another reason we always have to overestimate numbers for invites


A. There is no single answer to this question; however here are a few suggestions that may make it
easy for you to always be selected...
•   Respond as quickly as possible. The earliest responses are more likely to get booked, as we
tend to start work on booking as early as possible.• Be easy to get hold of. Even if you are first on the list, 
if we call you and can’t speak to you,
we cannot book you. If there are loads of eligible responses we won’t usually leave a message, we
will simply work on and try to fill the group. And if we do leave a message, it doesn’t mean that we
are able to hold a place in the group for you, so if you are still available for it do get back to us fast! If
Please take heart if you haven’t yet been selected, we know it must be really frustrating, but we try
very hard to keep everyone updated with any of our current studies , We also encourage you to join
any projects available that may be of help .


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